Tips for Homeowners from a Professional Pool Cleaning Service

Cleaning and maintaining a swimming pool can be quite difficult and time-consuming, which is why most homeowners call in a professional pool cleaning service. However, there are some tips which will make your job go easier.
Pool cleaning is simpler when all purification chemicals are in balance. Regular pool vacuuming of the floor will help to avoid any algae growing. The pool’s walls must be scrubbed regularly, and frequent skimming ofthe water’s surface prevents algae growing too.

Pool cleaning usually starts with maintaining a correct balance of chemicals. Properly balanced chemicals will not just eliminate constant cleaning, it will also make sure the water is safer to swim in. There are test kits available to check the chlorine and pH balance. These must be checked at least twice a week in order to maintain the proper levels. The pool’s pump and filter must run for at least 5 hours every day to prevent the water from stagnating.

The floor of the swimming pool must be vacuumed once a week to control algae growth. It could even be necessary to vacuum twice a week in hot temperatures, due to the fact algae does grow faster in hot or warm water. Vacuuming large pool does call for a considerable amount of effort, so buying an automatic device could be the way to go. These move around the pool and will clean the floor and remove any unwanted algae. Hard to reach area like corners must be cleaned manually.

The walls of your pool can be cleaned using a long-handled brush. Most of these brushes come with telescopic handles, that will reach deep into the pool. A stainless-steel brush works better on concrete walls, however, tile walls will need a nylon bristled brush. This process can be done weekly in mild temperatures, and more regularly in extremely hot weather.

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